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One tech gift that keeps getting better (because of the software and the fun I can have with it) is my Divoom Tivoo-Max-light Eva got me last Christmas. You should definitely check this out if you are into pixel art. Great software, it’s also a kick butt bluetooth speaker with plenty of BASS! My daughter used it at a halloween party. It has been a wireless speaker for my Target wireless turntable (no more running speaker wire and figuring out where to place it for me!)

Microsoft has a LONG history when it comes to Windows. I am getting familiar with GitHub and will publish my nifty little utility that will write files that Windows 7, 8 and 10 can’t delete. The files can have an extension or no extension. Because the files use reserved names, they can’t be renamed, accessed or deleted using standard tools like the command prompt, powershell or Windows Explorer. Try the NEW batch file out at More information on the technical details on WHY this is allowed: — namespaces explained in more detail on MSDN.

A number of reserved…

What would be your Microsoft Surface Tips and Tricks for a new user? My advice would have to fall into these categories:

  1. Hardware tips and tricks
  2. Software (Windows 10) tips and tricks
  3. Applications (Office 365, and Windows Store apps) and Websites/Microsoft Edge tips and tricks

What format would you provide these tips and tricks? If you had a one pager, what would make the cut? I would probably lean towards video/PowerPoint/tools/websites because there is NO WAY you could cover even one of these categories in a one pager (MAYBE the hardware tips and tricks if you went with a really…

If you haven’t heard of Don McMillan and you use Microsoft PowerPoint, I highly encourage you to seek him out. His videos on YouTube are priceless. I came across the following years ago and posted it to my Microsoft blog (which has since disappeared). Thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, I can pickup critical things like this that I have shared with people over the years.

This video is a great example of how to use PowerPoint (and just because you can use PowerPoint doesn’t mean you should use PowerPoint). It’s about 3 minutes in length — 1st minute shows…

A member of our Microsoft Toastmasters Online club mentioned at a meeting “has anyone heard of Battledecks”? I thought he meant Battleship (the game), but Battledecks (also known as PowerPoint Karaoke) is a game where you have random PowerPoint slides to present. The original framework has auto advancing slides and you don’t know what’s coming next. We tried this at a Toastmasters meeting, but the person that downloads the PowerPoints has at least some advantage (even just opening the PowerPoint shows you some of the slides). My modification (download) includes 100 random slides and modified rules (participant picks a number…

I have seen the inner and outer loop analogies from Microsoft. I love Brad Grissom’s Where Work Gets Done modifying the original explanation and graphics. AvePoint has a good explanation of when to use what and Matt Wade has the Periodic Table of Office 365 (and a new beta version, too)

My acronym is TOYS. Teams, Outlook, Yammer and SharePoint (or Teams, Outlook, You = OneDrive and SharePoint). It works for remembering the choices and to highlight some of the differences. The best analogy I have is thinking through different examples from a company. …

My Twitter account is over 10 years old. I set it up because I saw others at Microsoft (and were technical) who add an account. I also had a blog for 10 years on TechNet as an employee (it is gone now). There were years where I just experimented with Twitter (posting music that I played, places I visited, following others randomly over the years). …


Microsoft 365 geek living, working and breathing technology. Gadget, music and movie obsessed.

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